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Why do sportsmen like to consume macaroni?

Macaroni is a type of food that is important for people who work hard. If your body and mentality work hard all day long, or you exercise heavily, and you feel tired, consuming macaroni at least 3 times a week will help restore your energy and enthusiasm.

Can macaroni make us happy?

Based on the results of research, macaroni is one type of food that has been proven to be able to make people who consume it feel happy. Macaroni is also a type of favorite food for children. So if you want to be able to smile more and feel happy like children, consume macaroni at least 3 times a week will help you achieve that mission.

What is the macaroni made of?

Basically, fresh macaroni is only made from wheat called durum, wheat flour and water. Without adding any flavor enhancing ingredients. The nutritional value contained in this fresh macaroni entirely comes from its durum wheat. Based on this fact, consuming macaroni at least 3 times a week is very appropriate if you want to always get nutritious dishes.

Benefits of Macaroni for Your Health

You should not consume macaroni with fatty sauces, high sugar content or high calories. After all, who would refuse a bowl of wrapped macaroni in a light but delicious sauce? With just a little splash of olive oil into your macaroni, even bread with delicious soups can easily be missed.

Macaroni is a pasta that provides energy from carbohydrates, is low in fat, and offers a moderate amount of protein. It’s versatile for various dishes, contains B vitamins, and can have dietary fiber if made from whole wheat. Macaroni also includes minerals like iron and magnesium. However, its overall healthiness depends on how it’s prepared, with choices like whole wheat and vegetable additions enhancing its nutritional value.

Practical, easy, and delicious

Macaroni with its many advantages, including inexpensive, fast and practical, can be served in special meals, not inferior to other dishes, easy to get wherever you are, and is a type of food that is very familiar among adults as well as children. Because of that, you can always present a dish made from macaroni at any time for the good of your life and loved ones.

Global taste of macaroni

Almost all countries in the world know and are familiar with macaroni-based dishes. Italians call it “pasta, spaghetti”, Americans know it as “pasta-noodle-macaroni”, while for those in Britain the other name is “pasta-macaroni”, different from Germans who prefer to call it “teigwaren-spätzel”. In China, this food is called “mein”, while in Japan, people are used to the term “udon”. Although the name and mention vary greatly from one country to another, it cannot be denied that macaroni is currently a food that has a truly global taste.

How the process of making macaroni?

Fresh Macaroni made from wheat flour that produced from durum wheat. This flour is mixed with water and kneaded until it becomes dough, without giving any flavor enhancers at all. Then, the dough is ready to be flattened into sheets, formed as needed, and dried using a dryer, then cooled and packaged. Macaroni is a food ingredient that can long last because it is hygienically produced and uses the latest technology.

Mediterranean diet and macaroni!

In the menu of a traditional Mediterranean diet, foods that are rich in carbohydrates you can easily find. Fruits, vegetables, nuts, and especially macaroni and bulgur … Macaroni is also the main dish type that must be present in this diet. [quoted from Oldways Advocates for Better Eating and Drinking]

Make macaroni the main dish!

In certain countries, macaroni is generally eaten as a second dish after the main dish. Though actually macaroni is the first dish and the main dish in a banquet. Macaroni can be served with any dish. You, for example, can combine it with beans, so you don’t need to serve bread and make extra sauce. Another example is pouring sauteed meat on top of macaroni and immediately serve warm. You will feel the sensation of a special meal while eating it!

Make macaroni an appetizer!

Replace your soup with processed macaroni as an appetizer. If you eat macaroni as an appetizer rather than as the main menu, which is usually served with a sauce mixture that is rich in flavor and very fatty, then you can avoid the possibility of eating high-calorie dishes afterward. This can happen because macaroni will make you feel full faster, so you can suppress the desire to eat the next meal.

The importance of macaroni for the nutritional intake to diabetics!

If the macaroni is not boiled for too long, the glimemic index will drop dramatically. This type of macaroni is very important, especially for people with diabetes, because this macaroni can make you feel full longer, digested slowly in the body, and gradually increases blood sugar levels. Thus, you feel more fit while also helping to maintain your diet.
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